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Twitter Bootstrap 2 Modal Scrolling Problem | Why Capybara/selenium Cannot Locate Your Visible Buttons

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Twitter Bootstrap 2 has a bug while on modal dialogs. The page does not scroll as expected. So, if the browser window is not wide/tall enough to display the whole modal dialog content, the scroll bars do not make it appear.

The bug is described here:

And the answer is given a little bit below that:

This problem does not occur with jQuery modals neither with Twitter Bootstrap 3.

I am using Ruby on Rails and the less-rails-bootstrap gem.

In order to fix the problem for my current application, and instead of moving to Twitter Bootstrap 3 or to jQuery, I have decided to fix the problem in the gem

Here is the fix:

gem 'less-rails-bootstrap', :git => '', :branch => 'bug-fix-modal-scrolling'

Important Note This bug influences your capybara/selenium tests, because elements that are normally visible, while the browser is maximized, they cannot be located by selenium and they are reported as non-visible and cannot be interacted with, if the window browser is not open enough to display the whole modal dialog.