Panos Matsinopoulos

Senior Software Engineer: Love Writing and Reading Software, Taking Entrepreneurial Risks, Teaching Computer Programming & Blogging here or in many other places. I also Love Music and I can call myself a small pianist!


Application Purpose

Fraudpointer is a service and an application that can help online shops protect from fraudsters. More about this on Fraudpointer.

Special Features of the Application

  • SaaS
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Users per Account
  • Multiple Roles per User
  • User configurable Rules to identify fraud cases
  • Fraud Case Management
  • Cases are Queued to Accept/Reject/Review and to various Profiles
  • Dynamic Black lists/White Lists and any other kind of Lists - user configurable
  • Real-time graphs of Fraud Case Management
  • Any data can be fed into Fraudpointer database and be used for fraud evaluation
  • Attributes of various types are supported (String, Numbers, Boolean, Dates, Countries, Emails)
  • Calculated attributes
  • Velocity Attributes
  • Reputation Database
  • Similarity Matching of Cases
  • Google Apps Integration (docs, email, contacts)
  • Matlab Integration

Technologies Used

  • Linux distribution (Debian 6)
  • Amazon RDS - MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SOLR
  • Hosted on Amazon Cloud
  • Matlab
  • Solr

Ruby on Rails Special Considerations

Project Data

  • About 10 months
  • About 65 models
  • About 60 tables
  • About 40 controllers
  • About 2900 tests
  • About 6200 lines of code