Panos Matsinopoulos

Senior Software Engineer: Love Writing and Reading Software, Taking Entrepreneurial Risks, Teaching Computer Programming & Blogging here or in many other places. I also Love Music and I can call myself a small pianist!


Live Demo

You can see a live demo of the application here.

Application Purpose

Application is used to demonstrate some techniques while doing Rails 4 development. It is about a user creating some basic instances of Tasks and then assigning them to Mutants, actually, to Groups of Mutants.

Special Features of the Application

There is nothing really important with regards to features for this application. One can read the features files to understand what the functionality is about.

Technologies Used

  • Linux distribution (Ubuntu Server 12.04LTS)
  • MySQL backend deployed on AWS RDS (Amazon Web Services RDS)
  • Ruby on Rails 4.1.0
  • Deployed on Heroku

Special Considerations

  • Cucumber. Has been used to describe the requirements of this application.
  • RSpec. Has been used to describe the specification of the interfaces (unit tests).
  • foreigner. This gem has been used to define foreign keys.
  • HAML. Has been used as the view template language.
  • Twitter Bootstrap. Has been used as a CSS framework.
  • SASS. Has been used as the CSS preprocessor.
  • simple_form. Has been used to simplify the forms.
  • site_prism. Has been used to implement the Page Object Pattern. The page objects of the application can be found in their own directory: page_objects
  • factory_girl. Has been used to create instances with ease.
  • selenium-webdriver. Has been used in a couple of tests when javascript was necessary.
  • A full-page background image decorates the application. Nice technique to implement this has been found on css-tricks.
  • select2-rails. Is used to have nice select boxes.
  • Ajax requests are used to create a resource while editing another.

Project Data

  • About 5 days
  • 3 models
  • 3 tables
  • 3 controllers
  • 35 RSpec examples
  • 26 Scenarios with 159 Steps