Panos Matsinopoulos

Senior Software Engineer: Love Writing and Reading Software, Taking Entrepreneurial Risks, Teaching Computer Programming & Blogging here or in many other places. I also Love Music and I can call myself a small pianist!


Application Purpose

Villasbroker is an application that is used by a land / villas broker who whishes to sell properties. More about this on Villasbroker.

Special Features of this Application

  • Fully multilingual, both on data and labels
  • Admin logs in to make changes to content
  • CMS like features
  • Multimedia support for villas sold

Technologies Used

  • Linux distribution (Debian 6)
  • Hosted on a virtual private server
  • Apache proxy to Thin servers
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL

Ruby on Rails Special Considerations

Project Data

  • About 1.5 man-months
  • About 20 models
  • About 20 tables
  • About 10 controllers
  • About X tests
  • About X lines of code