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Senior Software Engineer: Love Writing and Reading Software, Taking Entrepreneurial Risks, Teaching Computer Programming & Blogging here or in many other places. I also Love Music and I can call myself a small pianist!

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Ruby Style Guide

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This is a very good guide on how one should style its Ruby code. I am following this since I started Ruby and I suggest that everybody does the same.

One extra on usage of {…} vs do…end blocks can be found here (Weirich Convention).

Maze Implementaion in Ruby

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This is an implementation of a Maze algorithm to find the path from start to goal in between the walls of a maze.

Read the details here.

Octopus Problem With Rake

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This week I have decided to use octopus, a fantastic gem for realizing replication or sharding. I have already implemented MySQL Replication (Master / Slave) and I wanted to have my Ruby on Rails application actually use it!

This is my github project: Octopus Replication Example

Your comments are welcome!

Rails and Test Unit Bug on Counting Passed Tests

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During the weekend I have discovered a bug on Rails activesupport gem. The truth is that it has already been reported to Rails. It is the issue

You can see my detailed answer here:

Use the gist that is referred there until the bug is fixed.

As always, your comments are welcome.

Rails Validator Attachment

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I believe that testing is the most important part of the software development lifecycle. Nothing is ready unless it passes successfully all tests.

Meanwhile, I am trying to test as much aspects of my Rails application as possible. One such are the validations that I have on my models. To help my task on testing validations, I have created a gem that helps me out there.

You can find more details here:

Validator Attachment

Your comments are welcome.

Ruby on Rails Gems I Use

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Since I have started developing applications with Ruby on Rails, I have used again and again some very useful gems. Here they are:

  • bundler: The gem dependency resolver and manager.
  • mysql2: The ActiveRecord adapter for MySQL. MySQL is my personal preference for database server.
  • fast_gettext, gettext_i18n_rails, gettext: For I18n.
  • routing-filter: I used this one in one of my multilingual applications, when I wanted my paths to include the locale.
  • foreigner: Allows me to declare foreign keys in my migrations.
  • nilify_blanks: Very useful to convert empty parameter values to nulls and avoid storing empty strings in db where it should be null.
  • jquery-rails: For jQuery used in rails.
  • settingslogic: For run-time configuration settings.
  • dynamic_form: For “error_messages_for” in my views.
  • kaminari: For pagination in my index views.
  • unicode: For Unicode support which is missing in ruby 1.8 (available in 1.9).
  • rmagick, carrierwave: For image uploading and resizing.
  • acts_as_list: For lists that I want to be able to easily reposition their items.
  • sitemap_generator: Usefull gem to let you generate sitemap files.

Especially for development and testing:

  • mongrel: A web server adequate for development and better than Webrick.
  • web-app-theme: A layout for quick start of my web fron end.
  • ruby-debug, ruby-debug-ide: For debugging from within my IDE (Intellij)
  • mocha: For Moching and Stubbing
  • single_test: To be able to run a single test from the command line
  • cucumber-rails, database_cleaner: For Cucumber tests.